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Skill to Succeed, Connect to Progress: Your Pathway to JOB MASTERY

Whether you're an undergraduate, a postgraduate student, or a professional facing career challenges, if you're seeking industry-leading opportunities in IT, ITES, or core sectors like supply chain, architecture, health, transportation, or manufacturing, our curated 5-LEVEL program is specifically tailored for aspirants transitioning into the workforce.

First time ever!  AI Technologies for career coaching?

Our unique program path ensures students to follow a road map with mielstones.

— Director, ORN-AI

This unique path is designed by experts from both ends of global placements to industry working professionals.

What will I get  of joining this program?


Enrollment is first step a student can take to secheudle 1-1 career counselling session with our experts. This will also give access to FREE courses.

  • 1-1 career counselling
  • Communication skills
  • Power of AI based learning
  • Goal setting

Plan 1 - Candid coach

Career path selection, understanding the evolution of industry operations, and an introduction to AI learning. This level designed to equip students with communication skills, Interview skills and workshops along with selected course. 

  • Course recomendation
  • Training on self-learning
  • Communication skills
  • Personal interview skills

Plan 2 - Skill builder

Skill builder focuses on completing the course, assessments and workshop. In this module, studnet will deepen their knowledge on the selected subject. They have to pass the assessments, attend workshops and complete the technical interview training.

  • Complete the selected course
  • Technical interview preparation
  • Live workshops
  • Academic project

Plan 3 - Career launchpad

Career launchpad focuses on perparing a candidate for job onboarding actvities. Candidates are guided on  live projects, expert profile building, job search and bench sales.

  • Live project execution
  • Professional CV writing
  • Global job assistance
  • Mock interview support
  • Certification

Choice of courses You’ll Learn?

Java full stack
.NET full stack
SQL Server
Laravel advanced
PHP advanced
Golang advanced 
Django full course
Machine learning
Tibco Flogo
Python full stack
Security and ethical hacking
Telecom basics
Tibco BW6
Data Analytics
Siebel CRM

Enterpreneur skills
Excel VBA
Office admin
Medical coding management
Statistics Analysis Systems (SAS) 
UI and UX
Manual testing
Automated testing
CRM Executive
Promt engineering
Scrum master
Agile process
Niche Clarity
Niche Clarity


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Premium members and growing

Why Join ORN-AI?

Aguila IT Consulting is 10+ year old company specialized in global placements and recruitment processing for many companies. ORN-AI is a 100% subsidary targetted to groome, nurture and prepare grad students to acomplish their dream jobs.

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